Dragon’s Radios

2023/08/06 - 2023/08/24


Meet the dragonradios.com!

WhatsApp clone

2023/06/01 - 2023/07/30


WhatsApp clone developed to serve as a module for an existing system.

Custom Notes

2023/05/01 - 2023/05/30


Discover Customized Notes! With it you will be able to organize your grocery shopping list, your goals for the year, your daily tasks and any other note, to stay up to date!

🔒 CRM-ERP Private


In Progress

[in progress]

Dragon's Chat

2021/09/09 - 2021/09/12


Project carried out with the aim of offering a customer service service to partners, and to those who wish to use it for free, easy to use, light in execution and elegant. In addition, the service has the possibility of recording the conversation via video conference and also has an integrated text chat. Discover Dragon's Chat.

Débora Nutre Panel

2021/09/10 - 2021/11/23


Project developed with the aim of offering an administrative panel capable of meeting the needs for maintaining the Debora Nutre application, such as user management, management of exclusive materials, triggering notifications and other resources. Panel with an easy-to-navigate interface, elegant and light in execution!

Dragon's Schedule

2021/09/12 - 2021/10/01


Discover Dragon's Schedule! If you are a partner, access and use the service for free. Get rid of note papers! The Schedule service allows you to manage your tasks in a very intuitive and organized way, in addition to a very clean and elegant layout. If you are not a partner, visit ewertondias.com/contact and see conditions.

Débora Nutre App

2021/06/10 - 2021/08/31


Discover NutrePlay! Project developed with the aim of offering support to users regarding education and nutritional monitoring, with specialist support. The application has community chat, exclusive materials, challenges, recipes, menu and many other resources. Simple, elegant and easy-to-use interface!

AtoZ Delivery ®

2021/05/25 - 2022/12/07


Trademark Registration.

Game Minesweeper

2021/05/10 - 2021/05/22


Download for free at Google Play ! Project developed with the aim of improving the componentization of elements for mobile, and as a bonus, a game to spend your free time. 😉

Resize Tabs Extension (Chrome)

2021/05/01 - 2021/05/06


Install your extension for free, Resize Tabs Chrome . Extension recommended mainly for developers (who need to check the behavior of the web pages developed), and for users who need to work with multiple pages at the same time (and, to do so, need to resize quickly).

Dragon's Systems Calculator

2021/05/05 - 2021/05/15


Dragon’s Systems Custom Calculator; you deserve! A customized calculator for Dragon’s Systems Partners as a thank you for the partnership. Thank you to all partners!

Havard Course Certificate

2020/11/30 - 2021/05/08


Harvard course certificate at Introduction to Computer Science, with the teacher Malan, David J.

Dragon's Systems Website

2021/04/19 - 2021/04/26


Check out the Dragon’s Systems website: dragonsystems.com.br.

Integration with the Mercado Pago API

2021/04/03 - 2021/04/08


Application developed to compose the payment module of the developed systems, allowing payments to be received via the Mercado Pago API, from any user who processes the payment in Transparent Checkout. The image above shows the invoice generated (various information was hidden for security reasons), and paid, for a real purchase with a symbolic value of BRL 4.99, which, at the time, was for a “MacBook Air 13”, and subsequently, after confirmation by Mercado Pago, an approved payment notification was returned, being recorded in a log file (just for practical reasons), in “E-commerce”.

Geographic Location

2021/03/19 - 2021/03/21


Application developed to form the security module of a system, allowing the registration of any user who accesses the system, thus providing greater security to the application.

Medical Video Chat

2021/02/28 - 2021/03/03


To learn more, click: Medical Video Chat. Project carried out for a company that provides services to laboratories and hospitals. Medical Video Chat allows the Doctor and Patient to talk via video conference, end-to-end, and with the possibility of recording and downloading the conversation by the Doctor.

WhatsApp Contact Extraction Robot

2021/01/05/ - 2021/01/19


Get your robot! Project carried out for Marketing Agencies, mainly. Due to the number of messages that the agency needs to send, based on the contact numbers in your WhatsApp Business, it is impossible to perform manual extraction. This robot aims to meet this need quickly and efficiently. Version 1.1 of Robot Extract WhatsApp extracts all contacts from the left web panel, as well as all contacts from a group. Version 2.0, in addition to these operations, will also be able to perform mass messaging.

PagueLocal System

2020/11/16 - 2021/04/14


System developed for a Collections Advisory company, with the aim of reconciling debts of debtors with creditors. Several resources were implemented to facilitate the administration of creditors, debts and agreements as a whole. System fully customized to the needs of the project idea.

FeiraApp E-Commerce Layouts

2020/10/24 - 2020/11/20


Project carried out for an E-Commerce Startup. All E-Commerce FeiraApp screens were developed, from the landing page to the checkout page, to offer an elegant appearance, light loading, and fully adapted for mobile.

Netflix Clone

2020/08/17 - 2021/03/05


Customized platform for a company in the south, with the aim of offering a browsing experience similar to Netflix. Several features were included on the platform, such as the possibility of viewing videos on a mobile device (the responsiveness of the platform being extremely important for this), as well as blocking videos according to criteria defined by the company.

Global Facilities System


In Progress

[in progress]

Custom Calculator

2020/07/01 - 2020/07/20


A calculator with your face, literally! Project that aims to offer a customized calculator, using a photo of you, your favorite character, landscape and even in .gif format, and the most incredible thing; completely free. Download from Play Store.

Augmented Reality

2020/06/05 - 2020/06/19


Augmented Reality, with applications in the most diverse areas such as Medicine and Architecture, is a tool capable of giving users another perspective on your project, making your project more attractive and easier to understand. Here, in this link, we have an example of a Medieval Castle, in Virtual Reality, after accessing this link on your cell phone and pointing the camera at the image above. Imagine, if you are a real estate agent, for example, and point your camera at an image of this type (on paper on the table) and be able to show an apartment or house in 3D, it would be very impactful for the buyer, do you agree?!



In Progress

[in progress]

SPC System


In Progress

[in progress]

WhatsApp Clone

2020/01/09 - 2020/05/30


Project carried out for the company ProConsult Digital. This project was carried out with the aim of facilitating the management of customer service via WhatsApp, through attendants, in addition to reducing costs with multiple numbers for Business-type WhatsApp, as only a single number is sufficient, and the other operators (attendants ) will operate on the same chat. Furthermore, it paves the way for future system upgrades such as creating a statistics dashboard, service priorities and even sending mass messages to your customers. Project of medium level of complexity.

Simulados ETEC

2019/08/14 - 2020/02/27


Application developed for candidates who intend to pass the ETEC Entrance Exam, available at Google Play, throughout Brazil. With the application it will be possible to assemble, solve, and check simulations, with questions taken from official tests. Application with a simple and intuitive interface, making studying as pleasant as possible. In addition, the application will give access to support material, in PDF, on Google Drive, material separated by those who have already passed 1st and 2nd place in the ETEC test. Enjoy and download yours now!


2020/01/13 - 2020/01/27


Project carried out for the company PersonalWay Engenharia (Sigma Civil group). This project was carried out with the aim of making it easier to collect signatures from brokerage owners who are responsible for PersonalWay's client list, through the DocuSign API, recognized and used worldwide by millions of companies/clients, with great security and speed in the process. With this integration, on the company's internal website, the Construction Company will avoid expenses and delays in the delivery of contracts by post, in addition to, of course, drastically reducing the time it takes to complete signatures, as well as reducing the environmental impact. Project of medium level of complexity.

Google CalendarGoogle Calendar Integration

2019/12/12 - 2019/12/18


Project carried out for the company ProConsult Engenharia. This project was carried out with the aim of offering complete integration, through the company's Google Calendar, without the need for services from third-party companies, to manage the events of each company's calendar present in that calendar. This integration allows you to manage events in each of the calendars present, such as: setting a date for inspection (if there is no time available, the operation is refused), inserting events in a specific calendar, checking if any time slot is available so you can an event can be inserted into the agenda (based on data from the Database), among other operations. This project was developed based on the Google Calendar API, which allows (in a broad way) to consult calendars, create calendars, delete calendars in addition, of course, to each operation in each of these calendars. Project of medium level of complexity.

Bank Slips

2019/10/16 - 2019/11/17


Project carried out for the company ProConsult Engenharia. This project was carried out with the aim of offering complete integration, through the company's internal page, without the need for services from third-party companies, to generate bank invoices for collections of services provided to customers. This integration allows you to issue several bank slips, and with them all the mandatory parameters required by the banking system such as barcode, typeable line and security codes (DACs), in .PDF format (which will be sent to payers) and, in .TXT (which will be sent to the bank so that the bill itself can be recognized). In addition to this automatic issuance, based on data from the company's Database, another project was carried out that analyzes the return of another .TXT file, this one coming from the Bank (banking system), which informs the company which customers paid, invoices that had processing problems, actual amounts paid by customers and other information about errors, warnings and alerts. High level of complexity project.


2019/09/26 - 2019/09/27


Project carried out for the company WeCloud, through the Digital Marketing Agency, TECHD. The project can be seen through the link: https://www.wecloud.com.br/contato. This project was carried out with the aim of offering personalized service to its customers, as well as identifying the real needs of customers who come into contact with this specific page.

Palmipé and MedTec

2019/09/10 - 2019/09/13


Projects carried out for Lojas Palmipé and NovaMedtec, through the Digital Marketing Agency TECHD. In fact, they are pages, with very similar characteristics, contacting: atendimento.palmipe and atendimento.novamedtec, aiming to offer personalized service to its customers.

Complete Excel Course

2019/07/01 - 2019/07/30


Project carried out to teach as many people as possible how to use Excel, realizing that many students were unable to understand it, even in the most basic part. As I had already studied, on several occasions on the Udemy platform, He then decided to use it to teach Excel completely, objectively and in the most didactic way possible, without fluff. Furthermore, the student will be able to absorb tips and tricks about what Excel content falls into and how it falls into public competition tests.

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